Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still No Work

Last Monday, we went to the hospital late. Someone went to the condo to draw blood while I lay down. (It was too early, I was still sleepy.) So we came to the hospital at lunchtime. There was no wheelchair but one came soon enough.

Yesterday, I had a bum stomach so I poohed on my underwear again twice. Ewww! So I drank Immodium again.

I chatted with a friend in Cebu through Skype.

I keep puking or wanting to. So my weight is down to 128 lbs. I feel so light already!

Today is my son's day-off. Yehey. But he's out now. He might meet up with his dad.

I still don't have work. I'm raring to work again but no project has come. Oh well.

I've finished reading "The MacGregors" by Nora Roberts. Romance with plenty of bed scenes. For a change.

I am now reading another book. Back to a mystery book.

My mom is being massaged right now, something I cannot enjoy due to brittle bones.

Some friends might visit me. Looking forward to it.

Maybe it's time for me to write something...a book, a screenplay, a poem...anything!

I saw parts of "Die Hard" for the nth time. It's one of my favorite action movie, starring Bruce Willis.

Let me reminisce...

...when I was young, I remember daydreaming in front of our large dresser mirror. I was a beauty queen, a singer, a dancer, some famous person. I'm glad I have outgrown such dreams of fame and popularity.

...when we were still in our old house, I loved the food that our cook would make: chicken relleno, lumpiang ubod with egg wrapper, crispy pata, monggo with dilis, tinapa or danggit, etc. Yummy! No wonder I was so heavy then.

...when I was growing up, boys/men would take notice of me and my sister. Suitors will come and visit, call up, send letters, gifts and flowers. Oh the attention we got then!

...when my son was a kid, we would eat at McDonalds, KFC, TGIF (the last was our favorite but it's quite expensive). We would go to the malls - North Edsa, Galleria, Megamall and Shangrila. I miss those days!

...when I was working, I really dressed up to impress and to feel good. I would borrow clothes from my mom.

...when I was active in my Catholic Charismatic Community, I would attend prayer meetings, intercession, retreats, worship, daily mass. I felt so close to God then. Now I am trying to rekindle such closeness to Him in the confines of our condo.

...when I was still studying, I was very studious. I would read textbooks, do my homework as soon as I reached home. No wonder I ended up with honors.

Happy days. I choose to dwell in them. But I still look forward to the future. As well as enjoy the present moment.

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