Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ordinary Days Can Be Fun

There were no special occasions recently but I still had fun...

...I enjoy working on another report, the FGD I told you about. It is far from completed but the deadline is still next week. So, I am taking my sweet time.

...I finished reading "Depraved Indifference" and liked it.

...My mom bought chicharon with fat. It's as good as Lapid's!

...My friend visited me last Thursday. She brought carbonara from Amici. We talked about family, health, etc. She said I look good.

...A client-friend asked a favor from me. In return, he gave me cake (Mango Bravo) from Conti's. Delicious!

...Mom bought churros con chocolate from Dulcinea. Yummy!

...My sister and niece dropped by today. They brought lunch (Chinese food) - asado, fish fillet, lemon chicken and yang chow.

...Another friend came over and brought puting pancit. Tastes good!

...My aunt gave us lots of mangoes from my cousin's farm. My Kuya brought them and he got some for his family.

...My client's husband picked up the box of questionnaires and gave my payment. Yey.

...I keep chatting with friends at FB, YM and Skype. Someone invited me to join Google+, another social networking site. But I'm satisfied with FB already. It would be too time-consuming to maintain more than one site.

If you haven't noticed I'm a food addict. Hope I don't gain back the over 20 lbs. I lost.

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