Sunday, July 3, 2011


Last Friday and today, I am ashamed to say that I poohed on my bed. Poor mom! You see, I could not get up right away, not aware that I already had shit in my underwear. Ewww! I took a bath in the morning of both days.

I finished reading "Deadly Grace". Nice book. I started reading "Teeth of the Tiger" by Tom Clancy. Many characters but looks interesting.

My sister dropped by last Friday to bring food from Goldilocks - fresh lumpia and pancit palabok. Palatable enough.

You see, these days, I find myself feeling like puking. I haven't been eating much rice and fried food.

I watched "Master of Disguise". It's a comedy but I didn't like the humor that much though it had a story worth sticking around till the end.

I have been playing online scrabble and crossword puzzles. Keeps my mind busy.

Yes, the pain is getting less and less each day. Yehey.

Praise God!

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