Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update on Me

Since my last post, what has been happening to me?

...I started reading Robert Ludlum's "The Sigma Protocol". Exciting enough but I'm not through.

...My sister and niece visited and they brought Reyes barbecue for me. I couldn't eat the java rice so I just ate the pork barbecue (one stick). The other stick, my son ate.

...Mom and I went to the hospital. Waited long for a wheelchair. Mom had to get from the Emergency Room. We had lunch at the canteen but I didn't like the pancit bihon. I drank calamansi juice and ate cheese-flavored potato chips from Potato Corner. We waited long for my Velcade treatment. The nurse had a hard time looking for a vein on my left hand.

...I re-watched "All About Steve". Funny movie with a nice message.

...I chatted with several friends at FB. Some of them are visiting me.

...I had a video call from my friend in Cebu. Good thing my webcam is still working.

...I still puke and feel like puking. Small price to pay for my free medicine. And I lost more weight. I'm down to 127 lbs.

...I also poohed on my underwear again. Bum stomach. Had to take a bath in the morning. Ewww! (Sorry for the things I reveal in this blog.)

...Still following "100 Days to Heaven". Makes me laugh and cry.

...Next Sunday, our family will get together to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Venue is my sister's house.

...Our family friend graciously will shoulder the cost of my mom's 80th birthday party next year. 50 guests.

...My project has not come. So I am still relatively free these days.

...I love Peking duck! So does my mom.

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