Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Past Few Days

Sorry, I was not able to post anything since Friday. Been quite busy.

Good news is I was able to finish my report, all 108 slides of it. I enjoyed doing it. I'm glad I know Excel and Powerpoint. Makes things easier.

I finished reading, "The Sigma Protocol". Typical Robert Ludlum novel. Exciting.

I am now reading "Depraved Indifference". Interesting, too.

This world is a fun place with the abundance of books, do you agree?

Last Sunday, we had a family gettogether at my sister's place. She just had a procedure on her legs so she requested that the venue be her house. The occasion was Daddy's birthday, God bless his soul.

I was the one who volunteered the fact that I have lost weight. The others agreed.

I'm glad I did not throw up. Food was pancit malabon, inihaw na liempo, chicken inasal, puto, manggang hilaw with bagoong, softdrinks, chocolates, cheese with crackers and bubble gum. Even if I had work to do, I don't regret seeing members of my family.

The car used by my niece was rather a big one. I had difficulty getting inside. So, we borrowed my sister's stool so I can step on it while riding and embarking down the vehicle.
Last Monday, mom and I went to the hospital. It's a good thing there was one wheelchair left. After the blood test and staying in the canteen (I had avocado milkshake and kropek), we went to the new chemo room. Quite a distance.

We waited long. We read the books we brought along, anticipating the long wait.

We reached home just a few minutes before Pnoy's SONA.
My thoughts on the SONA? Good enough. Lacking in literary style but rich in heart and sincerity. Keep it up, Mr. President!

I have another project coming up. It's a four-group FGD report due to Client on August 8. The two groups pushed through yesterday but the two others were postponed due to bad weather.
Hope the notes will be okay/adequate enough to come up with a good analysis.

Here's a cute picture.

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