Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's Been Happening in My Life

Not much. No projects except for one continuation and a proposal.

So far, no movies worth watching on TV (or so I think). But my mom and I continue to enjoy watching "100 Days to Heaven".

I finished reading "All Fall Down" by Erica Splinder. Great book. I started another book, this time, a romance one. Interesting.

I keep playing online scrabble for free. Thanks to

I hear mass in the Internet whenever I can. I pray the rosary.

Once in a while, I talk to friends over the phone or chat with them through Skype or Facebook.

I still feel like puking when I eat so I am limited to salads, fruits and soup. I feel myself getting lighter.

It's hard to imagine that I was once 190 lbs. heavy! I'm now down to 130 lbs., last time I weighed. My sugar is also good at about 6.

A friend is going to visit me this week. She will bring carbonara.

I was able to pay my June taxes and compute for second quarter (nothing to pay). My dear mom was the one who went to the bank and BIR.

My mom's "rayuma" is acting up. She was not able to go to church today so she heard mass on TV instead.

Tomorrow, we are back to the hospital for Velcade treatment. Before that, someone will come here in the condo to get blood sample for my CBC.

Am I boring you? Sorry. My days are ho-hum. Hope they become more interesting for you to read about.

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