Monday, September 26, 2011

A Super Nice Day

Yup. I had a super nice day yesterday! We requested my son to make today his day-off so he can accompany me to the hospital.

We didn't have a hard time finding a cab to and from the hospital.

We were early so there were a lot of wheelchairs. (They have a new system though. We had to leave an I.D., they gave us a number, and we were supposed to return the wheelchair to claim our I.D.).

I was with my son for hours! Talk about mother and son bonding. My son followed my mom's instructions as closely as he could. Good job, I would say.

We ate in the canteen. Mango shake then later binagoongan with rice for me (brunch). Omelet and doughnut and iced coffee for him (breakfast).

My platelet count is quite low so they gave me a lower dosage of Velcade. At least, our efforts at going to the hospital and having a CBC taken were not wasted.

Before going home, we bought chocolate and peanuts.

Back to the condo, I let my son play and use the computer for about thirty minutes. Then, I proceeded to do tab specs and revised the corresponding questionnaires.

Our dinner was spaghetti (mom did the heating).

As usual, I enjoyed watching "100 Days to Heaven". The new actor playing the role of Teddy Ledesma looks so much like my son! Haha.

I tinkered with my old laptop. It was sooooh jurassic it took ages to do anything. Oh well, I have a feeling someone will be giving me a new laptop next year.

I asked an agent if I should have cited my sources in my sample essay. The answer was in the affirmative. So, I was instructed to revise my essay and submit it to the support department.
Hmm, not an easy task but I am willing to do it.

So, all in all, it was a super nice day.

As I write this, I could hear the wind howling. We have a new typhoon. Good thing I will not be leaving the condo today and the next few days.

I will revise my essay and a questionnaire today. Looking forward to doing both.

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