Monday, September 7, 2009

Food Trip and 5 Lbs. Heavier

Since I got released from "prison", I have been eating chocolate chip cookies, garlic bread, wafers, Lukban longganiza, lechon kawali, bread, lanzones, trip! I just weighed myself and I am now officially 140 lbs. (5 lbs heavier than just a few days ago) Serves me right!

Today was still a working day...worked on three projects.

I received a wonderful blessing...the proceeds of a fund-raising premiere project for me by some La Salle students. I'm soooh grateful! My son helped by announcing the event in my Facebook account. A lot of his friends and my friends watched the movie, "UP". (Has nothing to do with the University of the Philippines though.)

I looked up the winners of the Palanca awards. I didn't win in the only category I joined, One-Act Play in English. Oh well.

I just have to keep my spirits UP.

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