Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Hospital Visits

I went to two different hospitals today.

The first was the National Kidney and Transplant Institute along East Avenue, Quezon City. I had my usual blood tests (CBC). Then my mom and I ate at the canteen. I ate pizza and french fries, and pineapple juice. (You call that healthy food?).

Then, I had Day 4 of my 7th cycle of Velcade treatment. Had to wait a long time because somebody suffered cardiac arrest. It was code 99 or whatever.

My hematologist-oncologist gave give goods news and bad news. Goods news is that my plasma count is less than 10% which means my body is responding well to treatment. Bad news is I have to go on an 8th cycle and have maintenance medicines. More expenses! In short, I'm going to live a longer life but more expensively. The irony of things!

We decided to go home first for lunch and a short nap.

Then, off to the next hospital - St. Luke's Hospital to see my new psychiatrist.

More waiting. The actual consultation was only about 20 minutes. It went very well. My doctor was very pleasant. And she was happy with the fact that I could sleep without need for sleeping pills. She asked me to start a journal. Yehey! I love journals. Writing and drawing can be therapeutic and I agree with her.

Whenever we go out, I can't help but look out the window...I stared at the different restaurants (when will I eat in one again?), the old houses, the wet market with all those beautiful flowers, churches (when will I go to an honest-to-goodness mass again), etc. Oh well, some day soon, things will go back to "normal", whatever that means.

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  1. Wow, you have a healthy appetite! Good for you. Happy eating :)


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