Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Great to Be Back!

After more than a month's stay in the hospital and in a half-way home, I'm back! With a VENGEANCE! ha ha

I'm raring to work again, play again, write again...fall in love again oops! Not that one.

I missed my son so much! And my mom and all my loved ones and friends.

There is much to do but I shall do each task slowly and well. No more fast tracks for me. I'm no supergirl. I should have known that 16 nervous breakdowns ago but some people take ages to learn their lessons.

Take things slow, that's now my motto.


Guess what?

I might appear on TV. Father Jerry Orbos wants to guest me in his show Teleradyo on DZMM to interview me about my anti-abortion song, "Mother, Let Me Live". They just asked permission to change the "Mother" into "Mama" to make the song more personal. Fatima Soriano will sing the song.

That will be on October 3, 2009. By then, I should have my broken front tooth fixed.


  1. Nimia! Glad you're home - I've missed your posts and had started worrying about you! I'm crazy-busy with volunteer work and everytime I started to email you something got in the way and I forgot again! Sounds like things are looking up again!

  2. Let me know about your tv appearance, would love to watch you---telegenic ka pa naman hahaha


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