Monday, September 14, 2009

Of Old Friends and New

Today, I chatted with two friends.

One was over Skype. She is Malou, a friend (former officemate) during my Magnolia days. We talked about a lot of things. She was worried that I was "in absentia" for a long period of time. I told her what happened to me. Malou told me how her life in Cebu is. She has two maids, able to go to the gym but still does most of the cooking. She teaches catechism on Saturdays and hears mass four times a week. Ever-religious and a Marian devotee, she reminded me to say the rosary daily.

My other friend is Lydia, a "sister" in Tabitha (a group of separated, widowed, single for life, etc. women). We talked over the phone. Aside from counseling, she acts as "lupon" or arbiter of barangay disputes. Like me, Lydia loves to play scrabble so we agreed to play scrabble over the phone some time. Ha ha. Sounds like fun!

Then, I met for the first time, Jobert. My new friend. I was excited to meet him because I asked him to buy me coloring books. He brought me two coloring books plus two boxes of crayons! I had great fun as I colored right away, while he made two drawings out of his poems. I "conceptualized" another drawing. We listened to music, mostly my cheesy kind. He kept taking pictures of our work, me, my mom, and himself, and views outside the window. Jobert is real cute and very nice, and sweet. (Too bad he's 12 years younger.)

Thank you, Lord, for friends - old and new. They make life so interesting. They make me feel so loved.

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