Friday, September 11, 2009

Workshops...Work, Without the Shopping

Today, I conducted a marketing research workshop in my mom's condo. I had only two participants. Talked about types of marketing research. Showed some examples. Confidential material but the studies were conducted ages ago and these girls could be trusted.

I miss teaching. These mini workshops are the next best thing.

But no shopping, no going out, no going to the mall, no movie-watching. My immune system is still down. Sigh.

The other work I did today was finish entering corrections to a book of poems I am editing. My Client is very nice. But I never met him in person. I wonder how he looks like? Hmmm.

I am also helping putting the finishing touches to a report for my "suking kliyente". I notice that they are becoming too dependent on me.

In between jobs, I am trying to trim down my 800+ Yahoo inbox. Facebook is another thing. But I am itching to just watch "The Sound of Music" again. ha ha. Or read, "The Devil's Banker". Or continue viewing, "Samantho Who? series". The decisions I am faced with these days...

Must slow down. Must relax. I just had a major relapse, remember?

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