Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Productive Day and Yet...

This has been a productive day...

...I worked on a couple of marketing research projects

...edited up to 100 poems

...filled up forms for the BIR

...finalized the billing for a foreign client

...talked/chatted with friends

And yet...

...I have not yet read the Bible

...I have not yet prayed the rosary

...I have not read a new book or started watching a DVD series as reward for myself

...I have not listened to Bible reflections on the internet, heard mass, listened to Preacher in Blue Jeans

...I have not written in my spiritual journal

...I have not finished my letter to Ms. Charo Santos for MMK

...I have not spent quality time with my son

...I have not visited my Facebook

Too many "have-not's" for a 24-hour day. Oh well, there are more 24-hour days ahead of me.
Thanks to a healing Father and the wonders of medicine and the love of family, friends and even near-strangers.

Praise You, Lord!

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