Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brownout/Mother's Day

Yesterday, we had a whole day of brownout. Soooh hot! I kept fanning myself with what else? a fan! I was not able to do any work. I just prayed my rosary and read Kerygma magazines.

We ordered Jollibee for lunch and ChowKing for dinner.

The electricity returned at 4:30 am already.

I wanted to work right away but I was too sleepy.

When I woke up, I had time for a quick breakfast and listened to TV mass.

I also worked on a project which was due yesterday but the Client moved the deadline to today. I finished whatever I could and emailed my output to client.

Today is Mother's Day. A lot of people greeted me.

We had a party in the condo. Food was plentiful - prawns, crabs, chicken, lasagna, pizza, mais con hielo, nachos, tacos, langka, lanzones, and more!

It's always great to see loved ones. RR was able to join us part of the time so the cousins were complete.

I still have another report to write. But I think I shall rest awhile.

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