Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Last Year...

You wouldn't believe it but just last year...

...I had to rely on a wheelchair whenever I went out of the condo

...I was in constant pain, I would cry out loud

...I couldn't even go to the bathroom because I couldn't raise my feet to go over the "border" (sorry, I don't know what it's called)

...My mom had to give me sponge baths a few times a week

...I had to pee and poo on an "arinola" (and my mom or son would wash me up)

...When I could finally walk on my own, I walked so slowly I couldn't get to the bathroom on time (my mom and son had to clean up my mess a number of times)

...I could not sleep on a bed because lying down caused too much pain

...I was barely sleeping because it is difficult to sleep while seated and my legs placed on another chair

Oh, looking back to those times, I am super grateful for how I am today. I can now walk, with a limp and with a cane, yes, but I no longer need a wheelchair. There is still pain in my lower back but I can now sleep on a bed. It's amazing how we tend to take things for granted until trials come our way.

Thank You, Lord!

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