Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Too Sweet

Since I had an FGD today, I wasn't able to see my doctors. My Internist said my blood sugar is too high. (I'm too sweet!) So he prescribed another medicine to be taken before meals three times a day! Oh no, another expense.

But as mentioned earlier, my bone marrow test results are favorable. Down to a single digit figure. Whatever that means.


The FGD a while ago had five participants. But according to Client, two of the five are "bogus" respondents and are not real sufferers of the ailment we were studying. That means we have to remove the answers/comments of the "impostors" from the discussion. Quite a difficult task especially for the analyst, who is none other than me. Hu hu.

More work came in. Continuation of two past projects. One of which is a translation job.

Then, I will resume my seminar on report-writing on Wednesday.

In sum, I have enough work to keep me busy but I have enough time to relax in between tasks.

Thank You, Lord!

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