Thursday, May 6, 2010

Swamped with Work

Instead of four groups, I had zero today. One is scheduled tomorrow, and the three were postponed for next week. What a relief!

A new project came in and it is due Saturday.

I am helping another Client with their presentation materials.

My UAI report is not yet done.

Whew! It feels great to be busy again.


Today, I received a gift pack from Dove (2 Dove soaps and a body wash). It's their way of expressing gratitude for what I wrote about Dove...something like "I love Dove because it takes care of my skin like a mother...smoothens, not smothers." And they took a picture of me with the gift pack and they will post it in their site.

Tomorrow, I will have another bone marrow test. Oh no! I hope it will be as painless as the last time.

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