Monday, May 30, 2011

Stuff My Life is Made Of

As announced, I did get to watch "All About Steven". Sandra Bullock was so funny in that movie!

I woke up with two good news, my weight is down to 128 lbs. and my sugar is normal at 6.5. Then mom and I went to the hospital. What do you know, we were able to get the single remaining wheelchair and a good one, too!

We waited quite a while because there was something wrong with their queuing. After my blood test, mom tried to get my blood test results. They weren't ready yet after 10 days. Looks like I really have a relapse. I hope it's not as bad as it feels.

I had lunch of Wendy's fresh salad. I didn't get to eat my bacon mushroom melt. Might give it to my son.

When we reached home, client called to say they have sent another batch of data. I said I will just rest for a while.

So that's two projects due tomorrow. That's money coming. Yehey.

Mom bought chicharon. It's delicious! I almost finished it.

My batchmate emailed to our yahoogroup to pray for me. That boosted my spirits.

Tonight, I will continue watching "100 Days to Heaven".

So that's stuff my life is made of hospital, work, food, friends and family, television.

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