Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ahhh! Done!

Whew! I am done with the three reports I was tasked to do on the same project. The presentation will push through on Wednesday but I won't be around physically. Yesterday, we (the two people who will be presenting and I) had a dry run. I gave tips on how to present the data/report. There will be 7 top executives who will be attending. (That's much fewer than the 30 who attended one of my presentations!)

I also edited two reports of a research agency. The analysis was good but grammar and choice of words needed improvement/correction.

Yesterday was hospital day. I woke up late so we left the house at about past 9. Good thing we found a lone wheelchair. Thank God! (My mom and I always pray that a wheelchair be made available for me.)

I drank avocado shake (without milk) and ate chicharon (with taba/fat) for morning merienda. While waiting, I solved Sudoku puzzles and prayed the rosary. We didn't wait long for a cab to get home.

I took a bite of the siopao mom bought for my lunch but again, I felt like throwing up (I had just been given my medicine which causes vomitting and diarrhea). So I just ate crackers for lunch.

When my visitors (the presentors) arrived, we went through the dry run. We ordered food from downstairs - turon, ginataang mais and pancit.

It feels so good to have accomplished so much! Now, I have time to watch DVDs to reward myself.

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