Monday, August 22, 2011

Food Is Good

I love food! Does that make me a "foodie"?

Yesterday, my sister and niece dropped by for dinner. They brought pancit palabok from Little Quiapo, grilled liempo from Grill Queen, puto from Nathaniels. They also brought softdrinks. I enjoyed the liempo especially, I almost finished it.

Today, after our Monday visit to the hospital, mom treated me to Sushi-ya. As usual, we ordered Bento box consisting of ebi tempura (3 pieces), hagedashi tofu, California Maki, rice, and miso soup. I had pineapple juice, mom chose iced tea.

I have finished reading "Beyond Disruption" by Jean-Marie Dru. I continued taking exerpts from it. Very interesting book!

I discovered another word game, this time from Yahoo. It's called "Bookworm". It entails forming words, the longer the better and you must use the colored letters before they hit bottom. Exciting!

I really believe in exercising the mind. While waiting in the hospital, I solved Sudoku puzzles. Fun!

I am inviting friends to another Bibliarasal session. Even if there's only one participant other than me, that would be good enough.

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