Monday, August 15, 2011

Small Blessings Ain't Small

Since my last blog, "small" blessings came my way -

...I continued playing word whomp and started listing words I was not able to get (hence, broadening my vocabulary...but I have to look them up in the dictionary he he)

...My sister called up and we talked for several minutes - about my niece's wake, her new job, her trip to the US, etc. (I have only one sister and it's great to get to talk with her once in a while. She is busy with her job and she has four children and a husband, you see.)

...My aunt fetched my mom. She brought seven new books. Yey.

...Mom attended a cousin's despedida (who will be going back to the US). The food was lechon, paella and braised beef. I got to eat the lechon...hmm, super yummy! The paella wasn't bad either.

...I had time to re-watch "The Accidental Husband" on DVD. I just love romantic comedies! It's a good thing the DVD was a clear copy.

...A friend, a sister in community, passed by. She tried to convince me to take food supplements but I'm not too keen on them. She got our lawyer-friend's contact number because she owes her some money. We scheduled a Biblirasal (Bibliya, aral, dasal) session on Saturday. She prayed for me and my family before leaving. I gave her a yellow green shirt because that is her favorite color.

...We were able to go to the hospital again but it took a while before mom was able to find a wheelchair. I ate chicharon and salad. I solved several sudoku puzzles while waiting. We didn't have a hard time getting a cab to and from the hospital.

...My friend texted me to say that she had just finished interviewing my friend and she was a good respondent. (I'm always glad to be of help, no matter how small the favor.)

...For three days now, I have been massaging my mom's feet while saying the rosary. I put lotion so that I could massage more easily.

...I was also able to wash the dishes a few times. (I haven't done this for a long time. Means I am really on my way to recovery.)

...For all these and more, thank You, Lord!

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