Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yahoo 7

I just loooove the "new" Yahoo 7 mail. It's very user-friendly and the various themes are so beautiful, I keep changing it each day.

A guy who met me 35 years ago emailed and mentioned facts like where I live, our neighbor's name, my brother was with ROTC, etc. We got to talk over the phone and he is coming over next week. Nice to have a new friend (as if I haven't a lot of friends already!). Well, one more won't do any harm.

My chatmate and I got into an argument yesterday about "religion". We didn't see eye to eye on a number of things. Until I just said something like "I don't agree with you but I still love you"...I had to clarify that I love him as a friend (he is married he he).

I opened my gmail inbox after months of not doing so. I was pleasantly surprised when someone said that she read my 2nd book ("Things I Learned Before I Was Born"). She enjoyed it. What do you know, a fan! Makes me want to write another book.

The keynote speech I posted in writersdigest got noticed. Two people commented saying "great message" and "yes, excellent message". Gave me a nice feeling.

Other folks have been reading this blog without my knowing it and they have emailed to me. Thanks!

My friend came over this afternoon. I had my first Bibliyarasal (Bible, study, and prayer). There were just the two of us. I invited 7 other people but all declined. My fault because I waited till the last minute to contact them (only yesterday and today). I will conduct the next one this coming Saturday and invite participants well in advance.

My friend brought fruits (papaya and pineapple). How kind of her!

Mom went to Greenhills and joined my aunt and uncle. They bought Christmas gifts (necklaces) for their two daughters. They ate at a Chinese restaurant and mom brought home the leftover food. She also bought monggo siopao, chicharon, and fresh lumpia. Yey and yummy!

A client-friend informed me that one of our projects is sure to be approved. Great!

Thank You, Lord!

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