Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Romantic Comedies vs. Chick Flicks

I recently watched "27 Dresses", "The Ugly Truth" and "50 First Dates". I call all three romantic comedies (my favorite genre!). But some of my male friends call them "Yuk! Chick flicks!". They wouldn't be caught watching one [as if they would be less of a man! ha ha].

Well, as for me, I just love those so called chick flicks because I am a "chick" who happens to be an incurable romantic as well. I love to laugh and I enjoy vicariously experiencing romance by merely watching a film with a happy ending for two people in love.

Sad news. My doctor is charging us P1,000 a week retroactive to the time we started getting Velcade for free. We can no longer afford to buy Recormon for twice a week. Lord, please provide!

My friend is not coming today to pick up her payment for a project. She said tomorrow, she will pass by.

I have started reading "Beyond Disruption". Hmm, quite interesting. But I have yet to find out tomorrow evening what exactly is my assignment.

Massaging my mom's feet is a daily task for me. I really don't mind. I am able to pray the rosary while doing it.

I am raring to do more work so more money can come in. I claim an avalanche of projects! Thank You so much, Lord!

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