Thursday, August 4, 2011

Busy, Busy as a Bee

Boy, have I been busy these past few days.

I finished a long FGD report - complete with pictures and diagrams, and verbatims (both oral and written). I've sent a copy to the facilitator for her inputs.

That's one down.

Then, a project came in today. Quite easy. Just some Internet search and I made inquiries over the phone. I also came up with a one-pager for the Client. It is for a parish church which is celebrating its fiesta soon.

Worst of all, a client asked for three separate reports based on a single study. The person in charge of data processing sent me only a few data tables. I am far, far from finishing at least one of the three reports. BIG problem!

The only good news is that the dry run tomorrow was cancelled. The presentation will push through next Wednesday but I won't be the one to do it. I will "train" another person and we will have our dry run this Monday (afternoon, since I will be in the hospital for about half a day).

Yes, buzz...I am busy as a bee. I was able to write in this blog only because I am still waiting for more data to come in.

Oh well, the night is long and looks like I will work till beyond midnight.

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