Monday, August 1, 2011

Wonderful Days Are These

Yesterday (Sunday), a friend (who is a pastor) visited me. She and her companion, prayed over me particularly for my healing. We were able to talk about the olds days [we were officemates before] and how she changed. She said that I was the prettiest in the company. Ha ha.

Too bad they forgot to bring the cake they were supposed to give me. It's okay. Calories and sugar...not good for my health.

I was able to continue working on my FGD report yesterday and today. I'm about halfway through. Yey.

Last night, I watched a beautiful, inspiring movie, entitled "Extraordinary Measures" - starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford. It's about a man who has 2 kids sick with a rare disease and a professor struggling to turn his "cure" from theory to reality. What makes it even more interesting is that the movie is based on a true story.

Today, we went early to the hospital so there were several wheelchairs available. After my blood test, we went to the canteen. I ate a plain donut, melon shake and kropek. Then we found the right path towards the new chemo room. We waited long so I was able to pray the rosary and solve several Sudoku puzzles.

Both my doctors were pleased with my lab results. The only thing was I have UTI for which antibiotics were prescribed. I will continue to receive Velcade for free and buy Recormon weekly.

We were home before 5 pm, the rush hour.

I immediately went to work.

LBM is part of the side effects of Velcade. No wonder I have been suffering from diarrhea these past weeks. Oh well, it's among the lesser of evils.

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