Friday, August 26, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, I was busy formulating two questionnaires based on drafts prepared by client. I offered to be present in the next meeting to discuss the project.

Yesterday, mom went to the hospital to undergo a citiscan...Today, she got the results but we could not understand the findings. At least, we did not see the scary words "tumor" or "cancer". The word "cyst" though was there. I plan to google all the terms.

Today, I continued lifting excerpts from "Beyond Disruption". I also played Book Worm and listened to YouTube. I discovered a super talented young guitarist by the name of Sungha Jung. He's great!

Yesterday, my friend discussed a possible quantitative and qualitative study. Today, she said that both projects were approved. Yey.

Here is the blogsite you might find funny: (

God is great!

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