Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mind Games

With reports done, I take my time engaging in "mind games" - specifically, sudoku, scrabble and word whomp (which I recently discovered in It's fun and addicting!It entails forming as many words as you can given six letters.

I can now walk although still not that fast. I no longer use my swivel chair as my "wheelchair". Clearly, I'm on the way to recovery!

Yesterday, there was a presentation of the three reports I made. Client said "The content was very good. Good job on the presentation material. We missed you today...Everyone was looking for you." Well, it's good to know that all that effort has not gone to waste. Yey.

Another Client said that my FGD report was "very good, ang bilis din (and fast, too)". Another yey.

I just looooove my work as analyst. I have other projects coming soon. Thank You, Lord!

Now, I think I will watch a DVD.

Life is good!

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