Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Plarked Today

You might be wondering what "Plarked" means. Well, I just coined the term by combining "played" and "worked".

I kept playing various word games online. I discovered a new game, "Scrabble Sprint" at It's fun!

I think I shall continue exploring various games to challenge my mind.

And I worked while listening to songs in YouTube.


Mom attended a party - a house blessing in Cavite. There were three lechons but of course, she was embarrased to bring home some. But she was bold enough to go to the kitchen and ask for a plate of lechon with her choice parts and the crunchy skin.

I just ate chicharon and tapsilog.


Everyday, I learn something new. I just love computers! I love the Internet! There is so much I can enjoy and find out. And to think that my son says I am poor in technology. Ha ha.

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