Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Best Christmas Gifts

I remember, when I was a little girl, I really looked forward to Christmas. I was particularly eager to open my presents and see what Santa gave me that year.

I don't know when I stopped believing in Santa Claus. But I shall always remember the gifts that my parents gave to me as a child. I loved receiving tea sets because one of my favorite game was pretending I had guests coming over and I would serve them food and drinks. I also remember getting a doll for Christmas. Her name was Marina. She was a talking doll. When I pushed a button, she would say' "Mama, I'm hungry!". Then, I can never forget the day I received my very first wristwatch. It was gold and I felt very "adult".

Years have passed and I still enjoy receiving presents - not just on Christmas, but on any occasion (parinig parinig). But come to think of it, the best gifts are not store-bought, gift-wrapped, ribboned and come with a price tag. The following are for me, the best gifts ever - Christmas season or not:

...the gift of joy (not toilet paper or dishwashing detergent) but giving good cheer whereever you are

...the gift of humor - aba, mahirap yatang magpatawa!

...the gift of peace and forgiveness - it takes humility to forgive someone lalo na kung dehado ka

...the gift of praise and affirmation - hindi lang mga kulang sa pansin ang kelangang mapuri

...the gift of understanding - mahirap intindihin ang mahirap ma-gets but we all have to try

...the gift of loyalty - hindi madaling maging tapat sa mga kaibigan pero hindi ibig sabihin ay kukunsintihin natin ang kanilang mga maling ginagawa

...the gift of companionship and presence - you can buy all the expensive gifts in the world, but if you are never present for a person, what good is all that?

...the gift of wisdom and advice - sometimes, people just need some wise words from us just to get back on the right track

...the gift of kindness - in the form of a kind act or a kind word can mean a lot

...the gift of love - that much-uttered word is actually difficult to give in the true sense of the word

Yes, let us all give love on Christmas day and throughout the year!


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