Monday, December 22, 2008

These Hands of Mine

There was a time when I would go every week to the park near our place. I would bring a book, my journal, rosary, food and drinks, and sometimes, even my guitar. I would sit across the lagoon and enjoy the view and the breeze all the way till sunset. What a beautiful time! I call it my "Wednesdate with the Lord" because I would often go on a Wednesday.

Only one thing marred the whole thing. I would see lovers here and there - hugging, kissing...but what really made me envious was couples holding hands!

I don't know what it is about holding hands that gets me. I look at my hands and feel them - they are oooh so soft. Don't take my word for it. You should try it some time he he. So I asked God, "Lord, why did You give me such soft, velvety hands when no one is holding them?" In the silence of my heart, God answered:

"I gave you those hands, not (necessarily) for a man to hold them but...

...for you to prepare coffee to all those who need it [but Lord, the best coffee is the one prepared by a wife to her HUSBAND!]

...for you to wipe away the tears of a child [but Lord, it would be great if I could have my own last-minute child by a HUSBAND]

...for you to congratulate someone who has made any achievement, no matter how small [but Lord, if You give me a HUSBAND, I will give him all the encouragement he needs]

...for you to applaud even when no one else is clapping [but Lord, I would do a lot more affirming if You gave me a HUSBAND]

...for you to massage the body of someone who is tired and stressed out [but Lord, that would be a great way to serve someone I could call my HUSBAND]

...for you to write words of inspiration and joy to bless the world and make it a happier one [but Lord, before I make the world happy, can't I make my HUSBAND happy first?]

Actually, it was a long list of what I could do with these hands of mine. And I kept pestering God for what I wanted. Oh well, I might as well just sing:

"These hands of mine...God gave these hands to me..."
to love and cherish others - HUSBAND or not.


  1. hi, Nimia.

    you know what they say...
    careful what you wish for
    because you just might get it.

    had to pay my way through an annulment
    just to shake off a husband.
    ; )

    that's irony!

    have a good one.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Let me know your identity through my email okay. Curious lang he he


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