Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Take these three sentences:
1) I am dying of cancer.
2) I am dying my hair red.
3) I am dying to tell you "I love you".

All three sentences start with the same three short words but these three words take on a totally different meaning with each sentence. The profound lesson here is: we should let people finish speaking before we ourselves speak.

Speaking of "dying", I've decided not to dye my hair just yet. They all say that once you start dying your hair, you cannot stop. And it can be expensive. Someone told me that there are 200 strands of hair per square inch of scalp. If my hair reaches more than 30% white, I guess that is my signal to start dying my hair. Meanwhile, I shall just pluck away my white hair or ask somebody else to do it (like what my sister did last Christmas day).

On a sad note, a batchmate from Maryknoll just lost her mother. (I hope I will have the opportunity to attend the wake today.)

As one gets older, more and more people you know, or relatives of people you know, die.

There are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes and criticism. Death, I cannot do anything about. Taxes, I just pay as dutifully as I can and leave the rest to the BIR. And criticism? Accept it graciously, give it sparingly, and for full measure, affirm and appreciate others generously.

There goes my thought for today.

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