Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Perfect Man

The perfect man...

...he celebrates the day we first met because for him, it is THE most important day of his life

...he looks at me as if I were the most beautiful woman on earth

...he holds my soft, velvety, meant-for-holding hands at every possible moment (even when we are dining out)

...he enjoys dancing with me including swing, cha-cha, other ballroom dances but his most favorite is "sweet" or slow dance

...he loves gazing at sunsets and full moons with me because he enjoys the view, and the company much better

...he likes walking along the beach with me at may pa sway-sway pa because he loves nature, and loves me a zillion times more!

...he can engage in hours-long conversations with me, from the "mababaw" to the most sublime topics

...he enjoys snuggling with me to watch a romantic comedy (DVD - original, not pirated of course) but only half-concentrating because he could hardly breathe with my oh so close presence

...he plays Scrabble with me and tries to score high so I can get the satisfaction of playing my favorite game and competing against a worthy opponent

...he cooks meals (especially my favorite dishes - lechon, kare-kare, rellenong manok, paella) - for me, knowing that I am a hopeless cook and that I love to eat

...he loves to sing love songs to me with lyrics like "I was born for you", "wherever you're going, I'm going your way", "how do I live without you?" [he also insists on doing the singing, knowing that I'm sintonado to the nth degree]

...he reads my books and blogs over and over again, savoring every word like I was the greatest writer ever born

...he laughs at my jokes, no matter how corny (which makes him a rare breed indeed!)

...he does not laugh with the others when I commit boo-boos but quietly corrects me in private so that I may not be embarrassed again in the future

...he wipes my tears away whenever I cry but refrains from saying "Don't cry, Shopgirl" (because that line has been used by Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail")

...he understands me through and through and accepts me even if I am at my worst

...he thinks I'm perfect despite my many imperfections, warts, alipunga and all

...he is 100% honest with me and with everybody else because like me, he believes that honesty is the next best policy (the best policy for a future blog)

...he has much to be proud of but says little of his own accomplishments - humility is a virtue I cannot proudly claim but can learn from him

...he has such a big heart he cannot be outloved by anyone but humble enough to receive love even in small ways

...he cannot answer the question, "How do you love Nimia?"...he would just say "I cannot count the ways"

...he is all these and so much more!

And so I have come to three conclusions:

1) The perfect man is Jesus.
2) The perfect man does not exist.
3) The perfect man does exist!....(in my incurable romantic mind)

p.s. If you beg to disagree with number 2, you know how to get in touch with me he he.


  1. Hey Ma'am Gamo! Adz here. You are so funny in your blogs, hahaha

    Alam mo, Ace has the same blog name as your blog address. hahaha visit him at He writes very much like he speaks, haha

    Take care!

  2. Talaga, same name as my blog address kami ni Ace? paano nangyari yon?

    Thanks for appreciating my humor. Tell others please to patronize my site.

  3. Hi ma'am. No we don't have the same blog address. I used "i love humor and more" as a title page or whatever you call that. I got it of course from you, during one of our discussions. Anyway, funny posts ma'am!

  4. Hi Tita Nimia!

    I don't know if the perfect man exists, however I know that Jesus Christ is more than enough to fulfill all our needs. :)

    God bless po! :D


  5. Hi Ma'am, there's ace's explanation. Blog name lang naman, not web address. hehehe ;) It seems you're gaining some readers here. haha

  6. Thanks Khay, Adz, Ace, Tet at sa lahat ng aking mga libo-libong tagahanga! ha ha

  7. the perfect guy doesn't exist. there're only guys who are PERFECTLY RIGHT for you. right place, right time in your life. hahahahaha did i say that right? and they're all waiting for their miss right's as well.

    those "perfect" others are only good to be put on your trophy shelf and to be shown off to your friends. the "ideal" significant others are the ones that take you out to dessert all the time and are right there when you need them the most. :p

  8. Naks Migs! I didn't know you can be so profound ha ha. gave me much food for thought.


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