Monday, December 29, 2008

Two Friends

I have two friends.

One is "T". She's extremely beautiful. Has 5 children, including one baby she recently adopted. She has been separated from her husband for more than a decade already. T met someone online. He is an expat in Italy. He proposed marriage to her and promised to accept her children as his own. He was supposed to come to the Philippines for the "pamanhikan". But he has not called for two weeks. Sad story but not necessarily the end for T. It's his loss, really.

My other friend is "C". An extremely religious women. She served her parish faithfully for years. There she met "B" when his wife was still alive. B is a doctor who is also a religious person. His wife died of cancer. Years passed and C started to have "feelings" for B. However, B met someone who became his girlfriend. Heartbroken, C distanced herself from B. Like T, she adopted a baby boy and poured her love on him. Little did C know that B and his girlfriend had split ways. Little did she know, too, that B also has feelings for her. And so, to make the story short, they fell in love and they are getting married very soon. Happy story for a woman who waited for the right man.

Hmm, there's a lesson here somewhere. You figure it out.

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