Friday, December 19, 2008

My Ba 173 Class Part 2

Okay, as promised, here's part 2...

Li, use Ledesma in a sentence: LED-ES-MA-terial used for pencils

Use, Lori, Luthie and Lucia in a sentence: I'm LORI for her - na LUTHIE sa negosyo, na-LUCIA pa ang boyfriend, kotse at bahay.

What is slow and thick-skinned at the same time? MACAPAGAL!

Use Cheska in a song: (sing) CHESKA roasting on an open fire.

Filbert, use Maceda in a sentence: MACEDA ang damit niya!

Use Stephen in a sentence: A corpse is STEPH-EN-cold.

Faith, use Pagulayan in a sentence: To make your dishes more healthy, PAGULAYAN mo!

Van, use Palpagan in a sentence: PALPAGAN mo ang kumot, iho, para mawala ang alikabok!

Yla, what is "stops" in Filipino? PARAS

Use Larice, April, Ramos, and Peter in three sentences: Ang daming LARICE sa mukha nyo. Last April pa yata kayo huling naghi-RAMOS! Wash up - PETER now or never!

Use Ace in a song: (sing) My ACE adore you...

Use Farrah in a song: (sing) So FARRAH-way...

Use Aldren in a sentence: Oh no, my tita with five kids is pregrant ALDREN!

Michelle, use Sanchez in a sentence: Ale, SAN-CHEZ sandwich and Coke please!

Use Segui, Marianne and Sese in two sentences: SEGUI, pwede mo gawin yan, MARIANNE! Di ka magse-SESE.

Lea, use Tenedoro in a sentence: Bakit ka nagkakamay - hetong TENEDORO!

Migs, use Tirona in a sentence: Ayaw ko yang food mo - TIRONA!

Will, use Velasco in a sentence: Hi, meet Amy, ang VELASCO.

Use Markie, Anna, Yuzon, Yap, Richie, Yan, and Villafuerte in two sentences: MARKIE, she's ANNA-der good catch for YU-ZON. YAP, RICHIE YAN, may VILLA-FUERTE ka kung mapapasagot mo.

So that's it. Sorry guys for playing with your names. It's all clean (and corny) fun! Happy Holidays!

Ms. Gamo

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