Saturday, October 10, 2009

Family Time

Today is family day.

My mom and I were fetched early and we passed by for my uncle.

We played mah jong the entire afternoon till early evening with my balikbayan aunt. I won only about six times the whole time but I enjoyed playing.

Dinner time, the other members of the family arrived with food - chicken inasal, steamed fish, barbecue, pancit bihon, rice, lanzones, mangoes, biscocho, coffee, soft drinks. Yummy!

I got a big bag full of pasalubongs consisting of a watch, a necklace with crucifix, holy water, CDs, two deodorants, one perfume, bath soaps, calendar/calculator, fruit cake, sugar-free chocolates, etc.

I look forward to times with my siblings and other relatives. They are always fun!

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