Saturday, October 24, 2009

Three Acts of Kindness

Today, I received three acts of kindness.

Rexy was supposed to visit but could not make it. Instead, she sent a bag full of mangosteen. Hmm, yummy!

Then, I had to go to my psychiatrist. My mom wasn't feeling well so I was supposed to go alone. Instead, I called up a few friends to accompany me. One friend, Rannie, was available up to a certain time. So she fetched me at 1:30 pm. My appointment was supposed to be at 2 pm but the doctor's secretary said that my psychiatrist would be late. Rannie stayed with me till about 4 pm but she had to leave because they have a family meeting and dinner.

My psychiatrist arrived at about 5 pm and I needed a ride home. So I texted five friends. Of the five friends, three could not make it but took time to respond. Two could make it but I said yes to one (Jobert) already so I just said thanks to Felix.

Jobert fetched me at about 6 pm. Then, we had dinner at the Japanese restaurant downstairs. He even paid for the bill. And brought me up to the 25th floor.

Ah, friends! I am sooooh blessed to have so many of them.

Which leads me to ask: Maybe I have been a good friend, too, after all!

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