Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Electricity

It's funny how we take important things for granted.

Like electricity.

Last night, this morning and this afternoon, we experienced power interruptions or brownout.

I had to endure the heat.

I had to find things to do. (Just when two reports came in ready for analysis)

So, I ended up doing the following..., eat, and eat

...take a bath two games of Scrabble

...color my coloring book to a friend over the phone

...pray the rosary the Bible

...take a nap

So, it was a productive brownout if you can call it that.

When the lights came back, I immediately went to work and finished a report.

Hey, someone commented that I don't give justice to my blog's name. Where's the humor? he asked.

Okay, okay. It's joke time....

Use "electricity" in a sentence.

Elect-Ricity and Mr. Rick C. Ty can promise, no brownouts!

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