Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birthday Girl Comes to Visit

My friend, Luz, came to visit. It's her birthday on November 12. She brought lunch from Amber - Pancit Malabon, barbecue and calamares. Delicious! (Didn't you notice? I keep talking about food in this blog. Glad I'm not gaining weight.)

Luz stayed long enough for us to talk about past and present. Work. Common friends. Health.

I taught her how to send messages to specific friends in Facebook without broadcasting it to the whole world.

Luz has been my friend for more than two decades already.

Tomorrow, Chona is coming over. So will Jobert. I will give money to Chona. Jobert will give money to me. He he.

Mom has already put up Christmas decorations. Very pretty.

Thank God, for friends who come over and for moms.

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