Sunday, November 1, 2009

Absence Explained

I have been absent from blogosphere for two days.

Well, to explain...

Friday, mom and I went first to the hospital for my third treatment, 8th cycle of Velcade. We ate lunch of pancit canton, yang chow rice and spare ribs. Then, we went to my sister's house where we played mah jong with Auntie Fe. I ate buko salad so my cough got worse. For dinner, the rest of the family joined us. We ate chicken inasal, barbecue, pancit malabon, cinnamon sticks, bread bun, chocolates, and cheetos. We went home very late already so I wasn't able to write in this blog.

The following day, Saturday, there was brownout in the condo. My brother picked up mom and I and we went to Shakey's. The other family members were there already and they have ordered. We ate a sumptuous meal of carbonara, spaghetti, two kinds of pizza (pepperoni and angus), chicken with mojos and soft drinks. Then, we went to the crypt of Dad and said a few prayers.

We split ways. Some of the girls watched a movie, "5oo Days of Summer". The others went shopping, then later played mah jong in my brother's house. I went with my sister to her house where I alternated between sleeping and watching TV. I also stood up to eat dinner of tempura.

I was fetched late already so I was too tired to blog.

So there, absence explained.

I am not in the pink of health. I have cough and colds. But it's always fun and heartwarming to be with family.

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