Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tiring but Fun Day

I am soooh tired but I had great fun today!

Our pottery session didn't push through (moved to next Wednesday) because our teacher wasn't feeling well.

Instead, Jobert, Lovely and their cousin from Canada, Julio went to Ayala Museum. Very interesting artifacts and displays from the past. There, I also met their mom, Tita Tita and her sister, Tita Lina whose birthday it is today.

We had merienda in Makati at a restaurant called Fely J. We ate pancit canton, lumpiang sariwa and sate. While there in the resto, we asked Julio to join our Living Poets Society. We wrote a poem entitled "Wonderful".

Then, I asked the three to each write a word to start five lines. The title of the poem is "Inspired". I expanded each word into a complete line.

Jobert and I wrote a poem shaped like a star. Ha ha.

We fetched Jobert's friend, Noe, then went to the Fort. We ate dinner at Thai Silk. Delicious food but sorry, I cannot remember their names. In layman's terms, there was chicken curry, spring rolls, shrimp curry, something with peas and "ground pork", etc. I had pandan juice. Everything tasted good!

We wrote another poem entitled "Beautiful". Noe got recruited into the Living Poets Society. Yehey! We are now five members. Anybody else wants to join us?

Noe is such a swell guy! He wants to visit our condo to see the sunset.

Lovely is good to be with. She is coming over to play scrabble with me.

Julio is a nice young man. Pretty well-behaved for a Canadian teenager.

And Jobert...will always be Jobert. ha ha

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