Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hospital Day

Today is hospital day. I get to see the outside world again if only for a brief while.

After CBC, my mom and I ate at the canteen. I ate "breakfast" of rice and longganisa.

Then, I waited for my Velcade treatment in the chemo room. I'm glad to find out that the cute resident/doctor assistant of my hematologist has been reassigned to me. I overheard one of the nurses that I am his favorite patient. What do you know, he is my favorite doctor, too! So, since I'm sick of cough and colds and my hematologist will be out of town, I asked for Dr. L_____'s cellphone number - just in case he he. I just might make him a textmate, if that's permissible.

Mom and I ate lunch in the canteen to avoid cooking and washing dishes for lunch. We ate pancit canton again, pork asado topping, and buko juice. A simple lunch but delicious.

Back home, I took a nap. Then did some work. I was supposed to listen to some tapes of in-depth interviews but the tapes were second hand so I could hardly understand a thing. I decided to go back to the long report I was doing.

Mom left for a while to buy medicine, a new stand for our new water dispenser, and some new pitchers for water. She is making banana cake now. What a mom!

I couldn't resist texting Dr. L. just to say that November 8 is a Sunday so I will have my CBC and chest x-ray on November 9 instead. He immediately texted back to say that if if my cough worsens and I get a fever, I should report to him sooner. Wow, I must really be his favorite!

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