Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dining Out with Friends

I thought I didn't have work so I texted friends to either visit me or bring me out. He he.

Most texted back. So, most are coming over or will bring me out next week.

A friend at first said that he can't make it today. Turns out he cancelled his meeting so we could go out.

So, Felix fetched me. We went to...Bellini's again! I ordered seafood pasta, fettucine, oil-based instead of what I ordered the last time. We had appetizer but I forgot the name. And of course,
Coke Zero.

Bing-bing joined us after a while.

We talked about college days (they are part of my college barkada, kappa pi pi), old lovers, wedding days, work, present family life, politics, other current events.

My mom texted me not to stay up late. I feel like a sixteen year old! ha ha


BTW, a friend and sometimes client made me write a questionnaire. I thought it would take me till tomorrow but I was able to finish way before I had to be fetched.

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