Friday, November 6, 2009

a Joyful Day

What a joyful day this has been!

I woke up late, fully rested.

I took a refreshing bath.

I was able to hear first Friday mass.

I went to Confession (at last!) I feel free as a bird!

I worked on an ongoing long report.

And best of all, Jobert came over. I showed him my "discovery album", full of old pictures and memories. We sang two songs on online karaoke. Then, he took photos of mom's Christmas tree and decors.

We decided to eat dinner together. At first, we went down to Jin Junikos but they didn't have the food we wanted to eat. So we decided to go to Sushi-ya Libis. (Much classier, bigger place than their branch in Tomas Morato.) I ordered bento box, my favorite. I also got to eat salmon sashimi. Jobert ordered all sorts of stuff.

After which, we had coffee, tea and cake (called Earthquake cake). The cake was so filling we were not able to finish our respective slices. The place is called Obsession, along Katipunan Road (White Plains area).

The whole time, Jobert and I talked about things...Christmas, relationships, family, projects and plans, etc.

All too soon, it was going home time. Sigh. It's always fun to see and be with Jobert.

Thank You, Lord, for such nice and wonderful friends!

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