Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today is my son's day off and that in itself is a great blessing because I get to see more of him.

After a long while, I got to eat sinigang na baka. Mom cooked it and its pretty good!

I was able to do some work. Another blessing because I don't feel like some useless invalid.

And great news! Money from abroad came in after months of waiting. It is payment for a project which I was not able to complete fully because I was newly diagnosed with cancer. With the amount, I can buy my son the cellphone he badly needs (he is using mine). I didn't give him a Christmas gift last year. And it could also be my birthday gift to him and Christmas gift for this year. He he.

The rest of the money, I am giving to my mom so we can pay our debts.

Although I have one regular client, recent weeks have been good because the projects are rather big and I get to collect weekly.

Friends - Jobert, Chona, Luz, Sally, Sylvia and company - are coming over this week till next week...not at the same time, of course.

Thank You, Lord, for all these blessings and more!

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