Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cellphone Lost...

My mom went home from mass and grocery shopping, anxious. She couldn't find her cellphone! She must have left it in SM.

So all through lunch, she kept praying, "Lord, St. Anthony, please..."

She was about to dress up again when she thought of looking through her other bag. And lo and behold! Her cellphone!

Turns out she thought she had her phone all along in the bag she brought but it was in her other bag. Thank You, Lord!

Last night, mom and I watched an old movie. A movie so old we had forgotten, we had watched it already. The title? "Die Hard", starring Bruce Willis. Made in 1988, the year my son was born.

We didn't mind staying up late watching the movie. Very exciting, suspenseful, action-packed.

I wonder what's showing tonight?

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  1. Did anyone think of calling her phone? Well glad it worked out.

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