Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DVD and Manna

I watched a DVD today, entitled "You Don't Mess with The Zohan", starring Adam Sandler. Funny but green. No boring moment.
Last year, we were given eight checks of P2,000 each for my Velcade treatment. My mom was able to encash two only when she misplaced the other six. Then, about a month ago, she found the checks. But since they were a year late, the bank didn't honor them. Last night, I called up a friend to ask if the giver the checks would be willing to replace them. My friend said she will call up our common friend.

And today, I was informed that the giver willingly offered to replace all the checks. Praise God!

The other good news is that my brother is donating the money needed for my Thalidomide good for one month.
I chatted with my friend tonight. She was in need of some marketing research agencies she could contact. I gave her a list of five firms and they have hired me as consultant. So, I may end up working on my friend's project in the end.

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