Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something's "Wrong" With Me

For several weeks now, I feel like throwing up whenever I eat. There were times when I actually puked. What's wrong with me?

I checked with the Internet, and there could be a number of causes of vomiting. One of which, and the most plausible in my case, is diabetes (too high or too low sugar). I think, I am taking too many anti-diabetic drugs that my blood sugar is becoming too low. Well, I will find out next week when I have some tests and see my Internist.


I just came from a meeting, a presentation of the marketing research agency I am a consultant of. I talked briefly about the company, discussed the market Client is interested in, and presented our proposal for a market study.

I think the meeting went pretty okay. Hope we get the account but there are two other contenders. May the best agency win!

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