Monday, August 16, 2010

God is Good...All the Time!

I went to my two doctors today and they had two different diagnoses for my nausea. My Internist says it could be dyspepsia. My Hematologist says it could be my myeloma.

I was given some free Thalidomide. (Again. Thanks, God!). Moreover, I will be given free Velcade treatments. Last year, I was the one who gave extra Velcade to charity patients. Now, I'm the charity patient. (Thank You, Lord!)

An agency sent the continuation of a project I have earlier started. I worked on it tonight. But some data are still missing. So I have yet to finish the report.

I might do some in-depth interviews among kids and teens. The schedule was supposed to be tomorrow, Tuesday, but moved to Wednesday. Hope the project pushes through.

Earlier today, this morning, a good friend asked me what my rates are for report-writing of FGDs. I gave her my usual rates.

May all these projects see the light!

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