Sunday, August 1, 2010

Batch Get-Together

Finally, our batch get-together pushed through. It was held at Meldy's place in Tierra Pura.

I was the second to arrive. The first cab I took got a flat tire so I had to ride another one. The first guest was USec Anneli Lontoc of DOTC. She was there by 1:30 pm.

Slowly, the other guests arrived. There were 13 of us but one had to leave early to attend an Iglesia ni Kristo service and later a wake.

Someone brought our yearbook and we had fun looking at old pictures. I asked everyone to write their contact numbers to update our list.

Food was plentiful. Before dinner, there was red wine, nachos with cheese dip, potato chips, Chocnut and Mentos, chicharon with vinegar (two types: healthy and unhealthy), garlic bread with pesto. For dinner, we had pizza, lasagna, puttanesca, barbecue, chicken empananada, and salad. For dessert, there was walnut cake and cassava cake.

Everyone brought home food, including the untouched ensaymada. I chose cassava cake and lasagna.

Rino gave away books because he works for Random House. I got five books including one by Dan Brown and another by John Grisham.

Cynthia, who had a driver, brought me home. Mom already texted me so I had to assure her that someone was giving me a ride.

We are planning our next get-together sometime November this year, hopefully double the number of attendees.

Today, I continued reading "The Great Train Robbery" by Michael Crichton. I also worked on a report.

Tomorrow, I will be attending a client meeting in Makati. I will be fetched and brought home. Yehey. Work is work.

Another friend is asking me for help in making Powerpoint Presentations. My pleasure.

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  1. Glad you had a good time! It's always great to have a get together with old friends!


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