Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nice Movie, Long Title

Recently, I watched a nice movie in my favorite genre - romantic comedy. It has a long title which I can barely remember...something like "When He is NOT into You". There are several characters but the stars are Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck and Drew Barrymore. Not a dull moment. Interesting stories. Not everyone ended up happy which is okay and just like real life. My kind of movie.

I really enjoy editing and revising reports. Marica was pleased with my output she will try to resend one of her reports which I revised. Hopefully, we can work together in coming up with reports for her clients.

I started working on a project which is due September 10. Mostly, I downloaded stuff from the Internet. It's not my usual kind of thing but I am willing to do any kind of work these days...well, almost any.

Got the chance to chat with a number of friends today - with Jobert, with a Maryknoller, with a data processor, with a former student, with a Client-friend, with a college friend. Good to catch up on the latest.

I'm eating chicken inasal tonight! Can't wait!

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